Monday, August 11, 2014

B. Simone Portraying Aaliyah for the Big Screen

B. Simone Portraying Aaliyah for the Big Screen A young lady by the name of B. Simone will be acting as Aaliyah. I don’t know how well she can sing, act, and dance, but she pretty much has the looks of Aaliyah in the photo above.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Timberland Talks About the Michael Jackson Project

Timberland talks about the Michael Jackson project with L.A. Reid. When I first heard Michael Jackson's single, Love Never Felt So Good, I had no idea that Timberland had something to do with it. In the video, you will get to hear how Timberland made one of Michael's songs sound better. I already knew that he was a talented producer when I first saw him with Aaliyah. Now today, I know even more about Timberland and still learning. If Michael has anymore unreleased songs, I think L.A. Reid and Timberland should get together to make more happen. I want to hear more because some of the work Michael probably wanted to release, and he didn't get a chance to release it. I don't understand why Love Never Felt So Good was never released. I enjoyed some of Michael's unreleased songs. My favorite is Love Never Felt So Good.

Zendaya Pulled Out of 'Aaliyah' Movie: The Problem With Biopics

The Disney star pulled out of Lifetime's planned Aaliyah movie for creative reasons, highlighting the difficult process of making biopics. Even if there were no creative reasons, there would have still been an uproar about Zendaya playing Aaliyah. To be honest, she did not look anything like Aaliyah. The appearance really do count. Fans want to see someone that resembles Aaliyah.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Aaliyah The Pilot

Aaliyah was like a pilot traveling and trying to live this earthly life. If God had anything to do with it, God may have helped her to eternity. Souls are real. Life is real. Aaliyah is no fantasy.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Aaliyah Living Through Her Fans – Keisha Chante

Have you heard about how fans has started a petition to shut down the Biopic of Aaliyah? Well, I cannot blame them considering who was chosen to play it. A Disney girl was chosen. Somebody wants Zendaya Coleman to play Aaliyah. Now you know that choice is not right. She doesn't even look half way like Aaliyah. It's not always the looks. Sometimes a strong character can make you forget the looks if the actor can really play the part of whom they are to portray. However, fans want to see Aaliyah and Zendaya is no Aaliyah. If a person is going to make a biopic, they need to make the right choice as close as possible. 

First of all, it was said that there would be no Aaliyah movie. 

If there is going to be an Aaliyah biopic, why don't they go with the first choice. It was said that Keisha Chante would play the part. Why are they avoiding Keisha?

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