Friday, May 19, 2017

Aaliyah Sings the National Anthem

Aaliyah Live Video
Aaliyah performed the National Anthem in the year of 1995. Every singer has their own way of singing it, and Aaliyah had her own way. She did a beautiful job and she had a beautiful voice. You can hear Aaliyah’s strong voice in the National Anthem. Whenever I heard her sing, I always heard the soft side to her voice. There are just some songs that are meant to bring out the strong side in singing, and the National Anthem was one of those songs for Aaliyah.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

What If Aaliyah had Lived to Marry Damon Dash?

What If Aaliyah had Lived to Marry Damon Dash? Damon Dash talks Jay Z, and his custody and child support battles with ex-wife, Rachel Roy with Larry King. When I found out about Damon Dash during the time when he was with Aaliyah, I knew nothing about him. I still don’t know that much about him. Now that Aaliyah has passed, I see Damon has troubles. What if Aaliyah had lived to marry Damon?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

People Still Wonder about Aaliyah’s Death This Very Day

People Still Wonder about Aaliyah’s Death This Very Day Some people wonder if Aaliyah is still alive even after they have seen the news that she did die in a plane crash in 2001. People wonder what really happened in the Bahamas. When people listen to the interviews of Aaliyah’s brother, Mary J. Blige, and all of the people that knew and talked about her, fans keep up with everything that was said. They keep up with eye contact, hand movement, when they said something, and how they said something. Fans are the real investigators. Read more...

Monday, August 11, 2014

B. Simone Portraying Aaliyah for the Big Screen

B. Simone Portraying Aaliyah for the Big Screen A young lady by the name of B. Simone will be acting as Aaliyah. I don’t know how well she can sing, act, and dance, but she pretty much has the looks of Aaliyah in the photo above.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Timberland Talks About the Michael Jackson Project

Timberland talks about the Michael Jackson project with L.A. Reid. When I first heard Michael Jackson's single, Love Never Felt So Good, I had no idea that Timberland had something to do with it. In the video, you will get to hear how Timberland made one of Michael's songs sound better. I already knew that he was a talented producer when I first saw him with Aaliyah. Now today, I know even more about Timberland and still learning. If Michael has anymore unreleased songs, I think L.A. Reid and Timberland should get together to make more happen. I want to hear more because some of the work Michael probably wanted to release, and he didn't get a chance to release it. I don't understand why Love Never Felt So Good was never released. I enjoyed some of Michael's unreleased songs. My favorite is Love Never Felt So Good.